Womp Womp.

#tragedies Hey guys, As you could guess from my image, last week was a titch of a messy one.  Not in a bad way necessarily (although this was a particularly tragic morning).  I stayed in good spirits throughout… it was just one of those weeks that threw a few “new” things at me. One of those … More Womp Womp.

WIAW: “Recipes?”

“Recipe” is such a wonky term, isn’t it? I mean, as Webster describes it, a recipe is “a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required.” But really, a recipe is like all things – movies, songs, books – there is only so much pure originality that can … More WIAW: “Recipes?”

TOL: Taking a Look Back

Gah this is truly going to be some thinking out loud.  Spontaneous vulnerability makes my fingers shake. The other day I began thinking of my upcoming summer and how I should spend it. You see, I actually have what one would consider a “summer,” as my theatre conservatory gets put on hold until September.  So although I could be involved … More TOL: Taking a Look Back